Sound Healing and Music

Sound Healing and Music are at the heart of life, here at La Finca Paradiso.

Sound is everything. It is all of life which is moving or vibrating, from the smallest particle to the entire cosmos. Although we may not perceive everything as sound, if something is vibrating, it has a sound that can be heard, not only by the ears but also through the skin, our bones and through our energetic body as it enters our field and moves through us. Many cultures and traditions believe that sound is the origin of the universe and modern science shares this view. The big bang theory states that a bang, a sound, began the process of creating all of existence. This original primordial sound diversified: “The One became many.” Each separate vibration evolved to reflect the whole in infinite guises, giving rise to the world in which we live. Universes within universes, each vibrating at their own frequency, interacted with every other frequency to produce the variety of life. In a relaxed harmonious state, our body and minds vibrate at a fundamental frequency of about 8 cycles per second, allowing us to be attuned with the basic electromagnetic field of the Earth itself.

Sound has the capacity to create change in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems. Both sound and music assist in allowing the body-mind to come into a deep state of relaxation where the bodies inherent capacity for self-healing can occur. Sound also has the ability to move energy through our chakras which are wheel like energetic centres that receive, assimilate and transmit energy, and bring them into optimal balance.

We have a wonderful collection of exciting sound healing instruments at the Finca including a 32” Wind Gong, a 34” Tam Tam, Chakra Tuning Forks, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Wave Drum, a Tongue Drum, French Chimes and much more.

Whenever Penelope or her daughter Amber are at the  finca, they offer group sound healings and gong baths. We also have intensive sound healing workshops that take place at the retreat every year and more information is available on request.

We welcome any sound healing teachers to the finca and have wonderful facilities to host these groups. We are also incredibly fortunate to have many wonderful renowned sound healers and musicians in the area including Luis Paniagua who is a master with the lyre and can offer sound healing workshops or private concerts, Lewa who offers Hang Drum Concerts and workshops and also Jaya and Saraswati who fly from Guatamala each year for their Sound Ceremony Retreat Training.

Everyone needs and should honour themselves with some time out from their routine and go on a retreat. The finca is genuine paradise. The architecture, colours, light, the best food in the world formulated by the loving, nurturing people who run it.  I loved it and hope to be back.

Lisa October 2018