Farm and Gardens

We are home to an exceptional variety of specimen trees and plants from all over the world, including Australia, South America, South Africa, China and Japan and our gardens are widely talked-about and admired.

Our orchards have an abundance of native and tropical fruits, one of which is newly-planted with over 600 fruit and nut trees, including almond, peaches, guava, figs and much more.

All areas of our gardens have their own unique feeling and are continually evolving.


We grow all of our own vegetables, including all of the Spanish staples such as aubergine, tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and potatoes.  Our salads include varieties of lettuces, tomatoes, spring onions, red and white onions, chilli peppers, kale, celery, cucumbers and fresh baby spinach to name but a few.  Our herbs for the table include sweet basil, basil, coriander, mint, rosemary, sage, oregano, lemongrass and thyme.  We also produce a few hundred litres of our own olive oil every year.
Katie our chef and Marco our head gardener, work closely together to ensure that the right foods are planted so that the family and their guests can enjoy the best and most nutritious culinary delights.

We have a fruit farm of over 800 fruit trees both within the walled gardens and outer grounds.  Fruits we produce include green and black figs, plums, various varieties of pears and apples, cherries, pomegranates, almonds, peaches, guava, kumquats, grapefruits, limes, lemons, quince, apricots, oranges, clementines, star fruit and more.  Our lovely chef also makes various jams, pickles, chutneys and cordials all year around, with whatever is in season.



Throughout the gardens, you’ll hear the sound of gently running water, with fountains and even a small rill leading to a waterfall where the water flows into our natural pool in the Water Garden.

The Water Garden is symbolic of the sacred feminine energy and the three upturned large terracotta urns, possibly once used to store olive oil, are symbolic of the three aspects of woman, the maiden, the mother and the crone or wise one.

The pond is abundant with wildlife including singing frogs and wild tortoises who stop there to drink, and many birds and insects.  There are lotus flowers and lilies on the water at different times of the year as well as other water plants.

It is a beautiful and serene place to sit at any of time of day or night.


The Citrus Garden was one of the first gardens that the owner planted, one level down from the main house and surrounding one of the families favourite secret hideaways, an open sided day bed area, which doubles up in the summer as an outdoor bedroom.  Flanked by two grapefruit trees, and lemon trees, the scent of orange blossom and the light breeze makes this garden one of our favourite spots, the perfect place for an afternoon siesta.

Walking on from the citrus garden, the fruit trees start to merge with date palm trees,  until you find yourself walking down an avenue of date palms into the Palm Garden which is situated outside of the Cave Rooms, with their long terrace and comfortable day beds.  Yet another place to enjoy peace and tranquility.


Our olives supply the estate with delicious organic olive oil every year, much of which is used in our cooking and can also be taken home as a gift to friends and family.

Our oldest specimen is over 2000 years old and located in the Lower Gardens. Surrounded by a seating area it is the perfect place to contemplate, meditate or journal.  The Ancient Olive Tree was sourced by the owner and arrived as a centre piece for the lower gardens, and was put into situ about fifteen years ago.  It has a triple trunk and is sacred to the feminine energy of the gardens.

This Olive tree flanks the Cactus Garden which was formed in the shape of an arrow pointing to the West.  There are some magnificent cactuses as well as small furry characterful ones which add a touch of humour to the area.  The Cactus Garden gives one a true feeling of being in the desert, which of course, we are!  It’s easy to forget that fact as the gardens at the finca are such an oasis!


Bask in the rising sun whilst eating a delicious breakfast on the round terrace. With stunning views of the Mediterranean sea, the Sierra Cabrera mountains, Mojacar Pueblo and Garrucha fishing town.  This is a stunning spot at any time of day, especially during the hot summer months as there is always a slight sea breeze and plenty of shade to cool you down.

The Round Terrace is a blaze of colour with Hibiscus, Geranium and Jacaranda blossoms, as well as other plants and flowers.  The central circle of the Round Terrace contains two majestic palm trees and a gigantic cactus as well as plenty of aloe vera.  This was one of the first gardens to be renovated by the owner when the family were living in the main house as a ruin.


In the lower gardens you will find the Hymer which is another yoga shala and perfect space for alfresco Qi gong, dance and outdoor workshops.  The Tiki Bar is modelled on the Caribbean beach bars where the family have enjoyed many holidays and the Parilla is our Argentinian Barbecue, the perfect place to have a family gathering or celebration.  From this part of the gardens there are plenty of magical hillside pathways that  lead to hidden treasures, secret spaces and beautiful larger-than-life sculptures.  We have a large Buddha in this area too, that faces East as a nod to Asia where the family have also spent lots of time travelling and exploring.  

Everyone needs and should honour themselves with some time out from their routine and go on a retreat. The finca is genuine paradise. The architecture, colours, light, the best food in the world formulated by the loving, nurturing people who run it.  I loved it and hope to be back.

Lisa October 2018