Creative Arts


Manolo Coronado was the original owner of the finca  many years ago before it was completely renovated, so there has always been a history of artists and art lovers at the finca.  The owner has a collection of Coronado’s art in the main house and all of the creative arts are an important part of life here.

We are a wonderful space for art groups to visit and if you are interested in art at the finca or want to join our annual art holiday (14th-21st June 2020)  with the wonderful and charismatic friend of the finca David Chandler, please get in touch as you will be overwhelmed and inspired by the energy and vibrancy of the finca. The feeling of space and light is hard to convey without having experienced it for yourself.

Whether you want to paint seascapes, landscapes, animals, wildlife, gardens, architecture the options at La Finca Paradiso are limitless.

On the practical side we have plenty of boards and easels here for guests to use. If you would like to enjoy an art week at La Finca Paradiso please get in touch


Whether you are a photographer on a fashion or film shoot, or a teacher with a photographic and arts group, then we are a wonderful location with multiple landscapes.

As an oasis in the desert there are endless scenes you can shoot either within the grounds of La Finca Paradiso or in the surrounding area. Within our own grounds you have Arabic architecture and many different gardens, all evoking different feelings, from dry olive groves to water gardens or our luxurious pool, main finca and bars.

We are also situated close to Mini Hollywood in the Desert of Tabernas which provided the enigmatic landscapes for legendary films such as A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Sexy Beast was filmed in the Cabo de Gata, our beautiful national park which is also very close. More recent films shot in the area include Exodus: Gods and Kings by Ridley Scott and The Resurrection starring Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton.

For more information please get in touch.


As a musical family we have plenty of instruments at the finca including a  piano, guitars and djembe, as well as a wonderful collection of sound healing instruments such as gongs, bowls and chimes. We have fantastic acoustics both in the amphitheatre and in the main living area, and have always had wonderful live music at La Finca Paradiso with some renowned musicians in the local area and further afield. Also for writing, there is plenty of inspiration and peace in which to settle down in a creative corner to write your songs, stories or poetry.

Whether it’s entertaining each other in the amphitheatre with a song or poem that you have written, a night spent singing around the piano or an evening in a vibrant beach bar, all is possible.

For more information please get in touch.


At La Finca Paradiso we’ve always loved to dance and the dojo has a beautiful sprung floor, crafted from reclaimed wood, which is perfect for all sorts of dance and movement classes.

We have local friends who take groups for Dance Medicine, Ecstatic Dance and Flamenco one of whom is Nikki Wilkinson who incorporates dance with ceremony to achieve a deeper connection to self through movement.  From Indian dances, to Spanish Gypsy Dances, Tribal Fusion and Regional Folk Dances, there really is something for everyone… not to mention all the nights at the pool bar, dancing with friends to soul, funk, reggae and liquid drum and bass!

Everyone needs and should honour themselves with some time out from their routine and go on a retreat. The finca is genuine paradise. The architecture, colours, light, the best food in the world formulated by the loving, nurturing people who run it.  I loved it and hope to be back.

Lisa October 2018