Animals and Wildlife

Family pets have always been a huge part of life at the finca and Penelope’s children, Amber, Paris and Izaak were raised to have an enormous respect and love for animals and wildlife.

As well as being a sanctuary for humans, La Finca Paradiso is also a sanctuary for our two dogs, Babu and Frankie, two cats, Galaxy and Moonie, our African Sulcata tortoise called Sophia and a myriad of abundant wildlife.

Our animals are very healing creatures and they hugely respect the space the finca provides for guests.  Please feel free to give our beloved animals lots of love, especially Sophia who loves to be stroked at on the top of her head!

Everyone needs and should honour themselves with some time out from their routine and go on a retreat. The finca is genuine paradise. The architecture, colours, light, the best food in the world formulated by the loving, nurturing people who run it.  I loved it and hope to be back.

Lisa October 2018