Eco-Sanctuary & Sacred Space

Bringing in the Light

Relax … Nourish… Create 

Welcome to LA FINCA Paradiso…

La Finca Paradiso is an off grid eco-friendly sanctuary and sacred space in the mountains of Southern Spain. A magical privately owned family estate oozing ageless charm and full of character developed by the owner over the last 20 years. You can’t help but enjoy  a feeling of timelessness and romanticism.  With a wonderful eye for detail both in the main finca and other houses as well as in the beautifully designed gardens, every view is a masterpiece unto itself.   

La Finca Paradiso welcomes private guests who are looking for relaxation, rejuvenation and reconnection to themselves and Mother Nature. 

La Finca Paradiso combines the beauty of consciously designed gardens, seasonal menus harvested from the land and the energy of the bed of selenite and quartz crystals upon which it is built which creates an experience of Heaven on Earth for all those who step through its gates.


Our private chef Katie majestically transforms delicious fruit and vegetables from our abundant farm into sensational masterpieces.

 As we are an ecologically friendly family, we always prefer to serve food that is organic or sustainably sourced whenever possible.


Sound Healing and Music are at the heart of life at La Finca Paradiso.

We have an eclectic selection of instruments for experienced practitioners to use


Nestled  amidst 33 acres of luscious gardens, La Finca Paradiso enjoys 360 degree views of the Sierra Cabrera mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Each plant, tree, flower and bush has been consciously planted to create a healing and soothing environment for all who live in and visit La Finca Paradiso.

Everyone needs and should honour themselves with some time out from their routine and go on a retreat. The finca is genuine paradise. The architecture, colours, light, the best food in the world formulated by the loving, nurturing people who run it.  I loved it and hope to be back.

Lisa October 2018