The Psychological Impact Of A Great Holiday

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Life can be stressful at times and with winter approaching, many of us are dreaming about the wonderful memories of the summer months.

If only we could be beamed back to sit on a sun lounger in a bikini, sit on the edge of the pool dangling our legs in the water, or explore a new environment with warm sunrays soaking into our skin.

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There is nothing like a holiday for recharging the batteries and enabling us to unwind. Just close your eyes and imagine you are in that blissful place and the mere memory of it will relax your body and breath, helping you to let go of any tension you are holding onto.

A relaxing break has a lasting effect, but of course, this sense of wellbeing does not last indefinitely. The difficulty is that for the majority of us, the gaps between those glorious breaks away from our everyday commitments are lengthy and the stress of keeping up with our work and family commitments soon takes its toll!

In order to live in wellness we must find away to improve the balance so that we are able to regulate our stress levels, maintain a healthy immune system and function well on all cylinders. But how is this balance achieved?

Get Away As Often As You Can

There are so many reasons not to go away on holiday. Finances, work, pets, and obligations to care for others are just a few examples of the barriers we may find ourselves presented with.

Find ways to incorporate breaks, even if it means that you must compromise and stay local. Nobody is designed to keep going indefinitely and breaks from our usual routines are essential for happiness, growth and health.

Gift Yourself With A Stress Relieving Tool

Those who practise yoga or meditate regularly are able to recreate a deep level of relaxation at will, wherever they are, enabling them to keep stress at bay for improved physical and psychological health.

These lifelong skills can be initiated, developed and honed on a retreat type   holiday where classes in yoga and meditation can be enjoyed. This type of holiday keeps on giving – allowing individuals to enjoy the lasting impact of the new skills developed during their break, by integrating them into their weekly routine.

Alternatively, mindfulness skills can be learned and developed by accessing local classes and practising regularly.


In between longer breaks, mindfulness will help you to relax and remain balanced. Perhaps the most accessible path for anyone is to practise meditation on a regular basis. Learning to meditate is easier than you might think and the beauty of it is that once learned, this is a skill you can use anytime, anywhere for the rest of your life!

When we feel stressed, we often react with anger, projecting our negativity on those around us. Obtaining balance in ourselves through meditation, improves our relationship with our environment and all those in it, (including ourselves), giving us the benefit of greater compassion and patience.

Getting Started

The idea is to clear your mind and focus on nothing but your breathing. This is easier said than done and takes time to master, as our minds are so prone to wandering! However, be patient and compassionate with yourself and you will find that each time you practice; you get a little bit better at it!

Choose a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed and position yourself on a chair or a floor cushion where you can be comfortable for 10 to 15 minutes, keeping your back and spine straight. This posture is important and you must position yourself so that you remain connected to the ground by your feet.

Focus your mind on your breath, maintaining a comfortable, uniform rhythm. Visualise the location of each breath as it enters and then leaves your body.

Persevere and you will find what works for you best. Aim to practice often, putting 10 to 15 minutes aside each day to work on your meditation.

Your practice will allow you to tap into that wonderful holiday vibe that you are yearning for, giving you a relaxing and accessible break to indulge in and a significant boost to your sense of wellbeing!

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