That Yoga Retreat You Always Meant To Book, (But Never Did)

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It is not unusual for people put off the experience of attending a yoga retreat for many years before they finally give in to the desire. Resistance is often due to a sense of guilt; feeling that the act of disappearing off to a fancy location for a week to enjoy yoga classes and fabulously healthy food is somehow too selfish.

Work, friends, family, pets and finances are just a few areas of our busy lives that can present a physical or mental challenge, blocking our desires when we are in desperate need of some ‘me time’.

The truth is, there is nothing remotely selfish about investing in yourself and your wellbeing. In fact, in truth, it is quite the opposite! Returning from a yoga retreat feeling re energised and revived, you will find that you have more to give yourself as well as more energy and focus than ever before to bestow on your loved ones, your career and your life in general.

A yoga retreat offers so much more than a regular holiday could ever compete with; many describe it as a life changing experience, for good reason.

Time Out – It Is Essential!

Stepping out of our, often-chaotic daily grind to attend a retreat has an immediately magical effect on your wellbeing. From the moment you begin your journey you will begin to feel the excitement and during the course of the week, all of the anxiety and stress you were carrying will simply peel away, much like a snake discarding its old skin.

Replace the endless to do list, and mundane tasks at home with regular sleep, yoga classes, inspiration, likeminded individuals and deliciously nutritious food for a week, and you will find yourself armed with a completely new perspective and inner strength long before you leave…

Facing Fears

Once you actually face them and examine them in closer detail, it is amazing how quickly the majority of your fears can disappear. Your pets, your family and your business can and will survive without you for a week – heck they may all appreciate you that bit more on your return, to boot!

The world keeps turning in your absence and as discussed in the point above; periodic time out is essential to your health and wellbeing.

Get Back On Track

We all get a little lost from time to time, losing sight of what is important in our lives, questioning our path and real purpose. The opportunity to practice yoga, and meditate, free from the everyday distractions at home works wonders for getting you grounded, reconnected with your environment and the people in it and so much more.

You will find yourself with a heightened awareness of all of those ‘little things’ in life that can provide so much pleasure. The sound of the wind blowing in the trees, the colour of the sky as the sun sets, and many subtle sounds, sights and smells that bring you great joy and contentment.

A yoga retreat can be transformational, inspiring you to get back on track, so that you start living and enjoying your journey like never before.

Are You Ready?

Treat yourself to a yoga retreat; you will never regret the investment in yourself. All of those thoughts and things that have been holding you back will slot into place soon enough. You deserve it and yes, you are ready!


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