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Situated at the furthest end of our Amphitheatre, is our Dojo, set back through three arches with its’ ancient Moroccan doors flanked by two golden Buddahs.

An open, light and airy space of 10m by 6m, our Dojo is based on a traditional Japanese design with an Arabic twist. Within the roof is a architectural lantern decorated with Moroccan purple and gold glass that sends iridescent shards of dappled light that falls onto its’ high quality, fully sprung, timber floor.

There is also a magnificent Moroccan chandelier hanging from the lantern as well as heating and fans if needed. Four double sets of wooden and glass doors lead out onto an upper terrace that over looks the treetops of our palm and popular garden.

We have fitness and yoga equipment as well as meditation chairs to be used in this space, which is perfect for dance, martial arts, yoga, meditation and any other group activities.