Six Tips For An Environmentally Responsible Wedding

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There are so many different ways you could consider your green ethos when planning your wedding and doing so is a wonderful way to plan a celebration that is guaranteed to have a ripple effect; by having a positive impact on others whilst you tread as lightly as possible on the planet…

With this in mind, we have collated a list of our favourite ways for you to integrate your social and environmental responsibility into a truly magical wedding day!

#01 The Dress

When choosing ‘The Dress’ there are many angles to consider in order to make a socially responsible choice. Many of the garments that we purchase in the west are manufactured in factories overseas where workers are exploited, and in addition to this critical social issue, it is important to consider the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of these garments.

Ask the supplier or designer questions to establish exactly how a garment has been sourced, before making a better-informed decision about your purchase.

A growing number of individuals are opting for used wedding gowns, as a more cost efficient and sustainable alternative to buying new. These days there are multiple online outlets for buying and selling pre owned wedding dresses – so even if you decide to purchase new you could donate it afterwards to an organisation like Oxfam which has its own dedicated bridal section.

#02 Sourcing Your Rings

The precious gem and metal industry is synonymous with poor working conditions and mining processes can be unsustainable and detrimental to the environment.

One option is to explore companies who are dedicated to ethical practices, like Brilliant Earth or alternatively you could search for beautiful and unique vintage pieces for one another.

#03 Eco Friendly Blooms

Choosing seasonal flowers, grown in the region of your wedding venue is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. Your florist will be able to advise you on the variety of local flowers that are available at the time of year you are tying the knot, and make some creative suggestions that will be both beautiful and eco friendly!

#04 Green Invitations

One option is to have an e-invite created to invite guests to your event, however many couples prefer the more traditional approach of a printed invitation and there are ways to make this more sustainable, such as printing on recycled cardstock.

#05 Natural Confetti

Throwing confetti is such a fun tradition and one that is sure to create a magical scene for your wedding shots.

Look for natural, biodegradable products as a great alternative to throwing rice or paper confetti. Cones of lavender, delicate rose petals and dried flower confetti are just a few of the more natural choices that will look beautiful, smell wonderful and simply blow away in the wind afterwards.

For a slightly more unusual choice, you could opt for birdseed confetti as a truly natural and wildlife friendly way to congratulate the lovebirds!

#06 Wedding Gifts

Oxfam have a fantastic charity gift list called Oxfam Unwrapped providing couples who feel that they already have everything they need with the unique opportunity to change someone else’s life in a meaningful and lasting way.

Create your very own gift list whereby friends and family can purchase everything from goats and honeybees to potable water and essential school supplies. With this kind of gift list set up for your special event, your union is sure to make a huge difference to others for many years to come.

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