Recharge Your Batteries Over The Winter Months

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Those of us who would ideally live in our flip flops for 12 months of the year tend to look at the winter season as a period of endurance, but with this perspective we are robbing ourselves of the great opportunities to cultivate wellbeing that are presented to us over the colder winter months.

Winter is a great time for reconnection in terms of our relationships with others and ourselves too. By slowing right down and listening to what the body needs; focussing on the things that really matter, like our health and fun times with the people we love, we are able to cultivate a strong sense of wellbeing that will give us the energy we need to hit the ground running when spring arrives!

Give Yourself Time To Reconnect

The shorter days over the winter period make it a great time to organise get-togethers around evening meals with your loved ones and friends. Long extended mealtimes are an ideal platform for storytelling and chatter. You can also extend the evening’s entertainment by bringing out some board games or dusting off your deck of cards. Revisit some old favourites and let the fun commence, the sillier the better! Laughter is like a magic tonic in terms of giving you a powerful boost of wellbeing.

Kick The Winter Blues To The Kerb!

Grey skies for weeks on end can trigger the winter blues – particularly in the first few months of the year. Combat this by embracing the positive activities you can enjoy; like a great read under the duvet, cosying up with a loved one in front of the fire or running a hot bath and soaking in your favourite essential oils by candlelight.

Flights are super cheap at this time of year, so you could consider jetting off to a destination where you can enjoy some winter sun. Spain is a great choice if you are based in the UK as it is close enough for a short break, plus you are highly likely to enjoy some blue skies once you get there. Whatever you do, be sure to dedicate a good percentage of your time and thoughts to self-care, replenishing your batteries and giving your mojo a well needed boost!

Indulge In Some Creative Activities

Take the plunge and enrol in that creative course you have your heart set on, or look for other ways to explore and cultivate your creativity. This could take shape in a glorious winter walk observing nature, taking photographs or collecting leaves, pinecones or shells for a creative project. Alternatively you could focus on building your expertise in the kitchen by trying your hand at new recipes or creating some fresh new meal plans to follow and keep your health in check over the coming year.

Get Outside & Enjoy The Beauty Of Winter

You may be wishing you could hibernate like a bear until spring is here but that is because you are overlooking the beautiful sights that lay outside waiting to be discovered over the winter season. Providing you wrap up warm and have a cosy base to return to, heading outside to observe the beauty of a misty winter morning when everything is covered in a white frosty layer, or getting up early to enjoy a spectacular sunrise can be an invigorating and often inspiring experience.

Make the most of this season whilst it is here and look for the silver linings – before you know it you will be dusting off those flip-flops and enjoying the feeling of the suns hot rays, soaking deep into your skin.

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