Plan A Corporate Getaway This Year!

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There is a limit to what can be achieved in a few hours in a meeting, but if you are looking go get things done this year and have a few goals in mind that need to be tackled head on, perhaps a corporate getaway is the answer you are looking for!

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Taking your team off on a corporate getaway is a highly effective way to generate the time and space to work on your business goals. Providing you plan well, this approach can get you miles ahead because in a fresh environment, far from the usual daily distractions, your team will have plenty of time to focus on the task at hand, taking your planning to the next level.

A new environment has an interesting effect on our ability to view things from a fresh perspective and by creating this important time and space for reflection you will be amazed at how much can be achieved.

Strengthening Relationships Within The Team

Pluck a group of individuals out of the context of their usual roles and place them in a new environment and you immediately change the group dynamic, giving everyone the opportunity to develop and build upon their interpersonal connections. Companies who have employees working in several different locations will find this particularly useful, as many colleagues who work together on a regular basis, do so without the opportunity for face-to-face contact, which can make it much harder to forge personal connections.

Downtime as a group is crucial if you want your team to gel and work productively, and just over the course of a meal, an astonishing amount of information can be conveyed and shared. Even a short corporate break can have a powerful impact on efficiency and collaboration within a team, helping to make sure that everybody is driving towards the same goal, for an altogether more successful operation.

You Must Make Time For Fun & Relaxation

The main goal may be to focus on business, but the absence of a good dose of fun in the timetable would be criminal! This may seem counterproductive, but do not be fooled! Some fun activities may increase the bill a little in the short term, but over the long term this down time will be hugely beneficial for the company.

You cannot expect your employees to get excited about the prospect of leaving their families and responsibilities behind and jetting off on a corporate getaway, if all work and no play is anticipated! It is essential to give everyone a few things to get excited about if you want to generate and retain enthusiasm for such a trip.

Reinvigorate & Refresh

When planning fun activities for the group, aim to include plenty of time outdoors, particularly if you are going to be enjoying great weather whilst away. You cannot beat being outside in the fresh air when it comes to reinvigorating the group, especially if they are used to sending the majority of their working hours inside the four walls of an office.

If they are an active bunch, you may wish to schedule some time for activities like water sports, or horse riding, but don’t overlook the need for some chill out time too, (preferably in the sunshine with a glass of something cool and delicious). Your choice of location will naturally inspire your options for group activities.

A special treat like an afternoon in the spa, or an invitation to indulge in a therapy or massage treatment, would go a long way in making it clear to your employees just how much you value and appreciate them! Schedule treats like this at the end of the time away, as a thank you to your employees for their contribution and input on the trip.

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