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Nestled on the edge of a valley in our own 33 acres of stunning landscaped gardens and open vistas, Utopian Retreats is secluded and magical with no light or sound pollution and a multitude of birds, tortoises and other wildlife.

Exceptional in their variety of form and colour, our gardens are exciting to both explore and spend time in quiet contemplation in one of the many hidden and beautiful spaces. With specimen trees and plants from all over the world, including Australia, South America, South Africa, China and Japan, our gardens are widely talked about and admired.

Throughout the gardens you hear the sound of gentle running water, with fountains and even a small rill leading to a waterfall where the water flows into our natural pool in the Water Garden.

The gardens have many individual and creative spaces such as our Round Terrace with its’ tall palms, vibrant hibiscus and incredible views of the sea and mountains. Then there is the Horse Garden where our large horse sculpture stands proudly amongst the Cyprus trees. The Citrus Orchard has a comfortable day bed surrounded by fragrant grapefruit, oranges and lemons and the lush Pool Garden has a vibrant green law and Madagascan Blue Palm. The Olive Grove feels ancient and dry with its’ ancient olives and stone walls. Our oldest specimen is over a 1000 years old, and our olives supply the estate with olive oil every year, much of which is used in our cooking as well as bottled and sold or made into our own popular lavender and olive oil soap.

Our orchards have an abundance of native and tropical fruits, one of which is newly planted with over 600 fruit and nut trees, including almond, peaches, guavas and figs to name but a few. We also have an extensive variety of salads, vegetables and herbs.

All areas of our gardens have their own unique feeling and are continually evolving.