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Those who share a green ethos know that caring for the environment involves a little more effort than simply recycling your glass and plastic responsibly each week as a responsible citizen! When you are truly passionate about social and environmental responsibility, this consideration spills into all areas of your life and the decisions you make.

When it comes to planning a wedding, (an important life event that is typically associated with great extravagance and luxury), there are a number of ways to demonstrate your earth friendly values, without making any compromise in terms of the beautiful celebration you have in mind…

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Express Your Green Values – Loudly & Clearly!

Communicate your desire for an environmentally friendly event to your guests and all of the wedding vendors you plan to work with at the outset. Once people are aware of your wishes and concerns you are far more likely to achieve the goals you set out with.

Simply explain that it is important to you that you touch the earth lightly and impact others in a positive way to set the ball rolling!

From eco friendly confetti and wedding stationary, to an emphasis on avoiding waste, there are many ways that your green values can be applied to all of the little, (and large),decisions that are made about your wedding day.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Catering – request that all produce be sourced locally to boost the local economy and cut down on carbon emissions, sticking with produce that is both organic and in season.

Gifts – there are numerous options for couples who choose to encourage their guests to purchase a socially responsible gift that will benefit those in need.

Search online ideas or ask your guests to donate to a charity or project that is close to your hearts rather than purchasing you a wedding gift.

Location – as surprising as it may sound, opting for a ‘destination wedding’ may not carry the carbon footprint you imagine it does. Those who get marry abroad; tend to have a smaller scale affair with fewer guests than if they had remained at home. There is a handy calculator here for those who wish to offset the carbon footprint of the flights and vehicles with a donation!

Wedding Venue – look for a wedding venue that is green and eco friendly with a strong connection to its local community and economy. Keep in mind that many businesses advertise themselves as green and sustainable but their claims may not necessarily have much of a foundation!

Points to explore and make enquiries into could include:

  • Origin of the food and wine sourced by the venue
  • Use of renewable energy on site
  • Availability or use of energy efficient vehicles
  • Access to environmentally friendly forms of transport – such as bicycles
  • Use of eco friendly cleaning products onsite
  • Recycling facilities utilised on site
  • Facilities to encourage the conservation of water


Search for a venue that appeals to you in terms of its values and ticks the right boxes in terms of its green ethos.

Planning An Unforgettable Day

With a little research and planning, you will soon see that it is easier than you might think to combine your passion for being socially and environmentally responsible with an unforgettably special and luxurious event that you will feel proud of.

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