Our Team


Hello, my name is Ardjaree,

Most people and friends know me by my nickname “Jom”.

I was born in a small country village in the Surin district of Thailand. Being Buddhist, massage is a natural extension of my cultural upbringing. To perfect my skills and knowledge of the body points, I went to study and train at the Wot Po temple of traditional medicine in Bangkok, achieving my certificates in 2001. I married in 2003 and relocated here in Spain with my husband. I am not a doctor of any description but I can help relax your mind and body with massage.

I look forward to meeting you

Sharron Fitzpatrick

My background is in the healthcare profession working as a Clinical Nurse Director for a Private Specialist Eating Disorder Centre. To compliment this role, I worked as a holistic Therapist for over 20 years, became a dual registered Kundalini and Chopra Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Davidji Master of Meditation Teacher and Ayurvedic Therapist.

My own healing journey led to my purpose and passion to help bring awareness of the importance of self- care and feeling “good enough” and to share with people the amazing ancient healing system that is Ayurveda which encompasses yoga, meditation, diet, herbs and massage therapies to help bring the body back to balance. 

Nikki Wilkinson

For over 20 years I have traced an artistic path that incorporates dance, the arts and ceremony to achieve a deeper connection both to oneself and to the world in which we reside.

I have had the privilege of working with people of different ages, cultures, religions and economic situations over the years and my gratitude to them all is immense

I have attended many workshops and intensive courses to compliment my training, including Shamanism, Indian Dances (Bollywood and Baharatanatyam and Odissi), Eastern European and Spanish Gypsy Dances, Tribal Fusion and Regional Folk Dances, Raks Sharki, Sufism, Tantra, Rio Abierto, 5 Rhythms, Yoga, Alexander Technique, Accupressure, Arun, Mindfulness, Council and 4 Shields.

In 2009 I finished training in England in wilderness therapy dedicated to our reconnection with nature and the principles of council, an ancient practice that teaches us deep listening and communication skills for our society today. To extend my training in the field of therapy I Completed an M.A. in Creative Arts Therapy at the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies (Madrid) in 2014.

Apart from my private practice, I run workshops and courses within the educational system for both teaching professionals and students, and have also worked with the elderly, adolescents, mental health outpatients, and male offenders in a pilot programme that I ran with an associate at the Prison of Almeria.

My passion today still continues to be dance and I am fully dedicated to sharing and offering this in a space that promotes, strengthens and enhances our core connection and creativity through the creative arts, dance and ceremony.

“A natural healing occurs when we return to the heart of our inner and outer landscape and allow space, awareness, compassion and love to open up and expand out. It is within this space that we return home and reclaim our soul connection. ”

Belinda Eaton

Belinda is an artist whose love of yoga has drawn her to a committed life as a yogi. After many years of practicing different schools of yoga and meditation it was the experience of Integral Hatha yoga that drew her into becoming a teacher and completing her trainings in both beginners and Intermediate Teaching. For her it was the incorporation of all 8 limbs of yoga as Integral Yoga that enabled her to find the freedom to let mind body and soul experience the totality of peace and opening along with her connection to her spiritual teacher, Mooji

Her classes are usually characterized by her understanding of the energy flows through the Asanas or postures. Working within the students level of awareness, slowly opening them up into their own stillness.

She is very involved in the Integral Yoga community and ongoing trainings and retreats in Europe. She is currently the European co-ordinator for Integral Yoga as well as one of the Spanish representatives.

She has staffed a training programs with Swami Askonanda

She also teaches at EL Saltador in Lucianena de Las Torres ,Monday, 18.00-19.30

She can teach in both English and Spanish and enjoys multi lingual classes.

She has run children’s Yoga classes during the summer as well as being employed by the Tabernas town hall to introduce yoga to the village.

Lizzie Cooke

Hi, I’m Lizzie. I’m originally from the South of England and now live in Andalucía, Spain. I moved to Spain in order to improve my own wellbeing and lifestyle, be closer to nature and enjoy the different culture combined with quiet mountain life and the Mediterranean Sea.

As a long term advocate of alternative and complementary health, I have learnt through my own journey back to health, peace and happiness that we are all unique and we need to look at our individual needs and past experiences in order to identify how to move forward and foster wellbeing.

During the past 25 years I have maintained a keen interest in complementary practices and dabbled in a number of different therapies. Initially I studied Aromatherapy  and have since completed a BA (Hons) in Communications, a Masters degree in Environment, Development & Policy and Diplomas in Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology and Reflexology. I trained in Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine with Functional Medicine expert and author Dave Hompes and I am Functional Nutritionist at Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat in Sierra Cabrera.

My worldview has been formed from many months abroad in South East Asia and the Americas; travelling, working and volunteering in primate conservation, on organic farms and environmental projects; learning yoga, qi gong, meditation and scuba diving; meeting Shamans and living and experiencing more natural, holistic ways of life. 

Although sometimes modern medicine can become a necessary part of someone’s journey, I believe in healing in the most natural ways possible with the best nutrition and connection with nature to promote wellbeing.

Jackie Winters

Founder of the British Academy of Crystal Healing

Jackie is the author of the highly successful divination cards “Messages from Mother Earth” and has written many articles on her research into Crystal Healing for spiritual magazines and daily blogs. Radio stations both here in the Uk and the USA regularly invite her as a guest speaker to deliver knowledge and advice as to the application and efficacy of using crystals in the holistic world. Nominated in the FHT awards in excellence as tutor of the year in November 2017 Jackie is recognised as one of the leading voices in Crystal Healing and vibrational medicine, she will use crystals to take you into the higher vibrations of love and laughter.

Frederique Edy

I came to healing through nature itself .  I grow medicinal plants and then make my own creams and oils, collecting the plants during certain phases of the Moon.  As a sculptor, my knowledge of the human body is thorough.  I started learning Shantala, traditional indian baby massage, considered as an art in southern India.  Then adults came naturally.   I love to investigate various healing methods, so with time I integrated energy healing and sound vibrational healing with traditional massage, including acupressure points and lymph drainage.