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Crystals may be one of the most effective Alternative Therapies for dealing with stress and anxiety. 

The ultimate goal of Crystal healing is to return the whole body to a state of pure unconditional love.

This basically means thinking loving thoughts, feeling loving emotions and loving practicalities of everyday life. Any other state of being creates disease, whereby the mind body and spirit are not in harmony with the Divine loving energy of the universe.

There are many case studies of people ‘curing’ themselves from terminal illness and all report the same message that they had to learn to love themselves back to health.

Crystals help as they emit tiny electrical impulses which are received and recognized via the body’s neurological system. Conscious recognition of the energy exchange is not always apparent as it can be quite subtle. Each crystal has its own unique signature of energy, for example, Tigers Eye will promote feelings of confidence, courage, pride and success which will combat any negative sensations regarding these strengths which may be causing imbalance or restriction within the mental or emotional wellbeing of the individual.

Crystal Therapy is non-invasive and extremely relaxing. Crystals are placed on the body and surrounding area to create a wonderful sense of calm, stillness and wellbeing in a relaxed and caring environment. Sensations such as tingling and temperature changes can sometimes be felt as the body gently re-aligns itself.

Any person with any condition will benefit from a session of Crystal Healing. Migraines, panic attacks, stress relief, pain management digestive disorders, cancer sufferers and stiff joints.

Jackie will use crystals to take you into the higher vibrations of love, light and laughter.

Crystal Healing for Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are conditions that are mainly linked to illness within the mind. However the effects are experienced emotionally and physically in the body via the neurological system. Neurons in the neurological system operate by sending chemical and electrical impulses (subliminal messages) between synapses throughout the nervous system. Common physical responses to this illness being: palpitations, sweating, dizziness, blackouts and shaking amongst others. Emotionally it can trigger feelings of being out of control, fear, obsessions, neediness……..All of these reactions being a response to thought patterns, and are more likely to affect women than men.

Crystals contain piezo and pyro electrons which, when energetically activated, create piezoelectricity. These subtle electrical impulses emitted by crystals are already being utilized by scientists in watches, televisions and computers. They can also be used to bring stability within the neurological system by directly communicating with neurons. With full knowledge of the crystal frequency and the correct application crystals can make a significant difference in this area.

Statistics state that the three main reasons for mental anxiety and stress in today’s society are thoughts concerned with LACK, UNCERTAINTY and being OVER BURDENED

All of the above thought patterns are mental illusions that are most often created by unrealistic expectations of life, self or society.


Chrysocolla releases feelings of being overburdened. The subtle electrical stimulant emitted by chrysocolla will relax, release and rebalance the energy field. It has been used effectively to improve breathing related conditions, relax shoulder tension and purify the mind.  If you are at work simply hold the crystal on the center of the chest, where feelings of being overburdened have a tendency to lay and take just 5 minutes of your time to exhale fully and allow the natural return of clean healthy air to the lungs. Focus mainly on the exhalation and imagine releasing all of your burdens. The vibration of chrysocolla will soon ease the anxiety.

Jade is known as the stone of good fortune and longevity. It will help you slow down and become more mindful, affording you the time to appreciate life and prosper in all that you do. Jade soothes conditions related to the kidneys and has a calming influence on the mind. This is one crystal that I would definitely recommend for those who identify with the mental attitude of lack. Simply place the crystal on the forehead and massage gently at regular intervals throughout the day.

Howlite:  The frequency of this crystal is both stabilizing and balancing. When the mind locks into uncertainty it can require a strong amount of faith and trust to release the fear that arises. Howlite calms the digestion system and aids present moment awareness by relaxing the stomach nerves associated with anticipation or worry. For uncertainty of the future place a piece of Howlite on the abdomen, for uncertainty associated with the past place it at the nape of the neck and breathe deeply until the anxiety has past.

All crystals should be cleansed and activated before use. If you require instructions on how to do this please visit our website


Did you know that according to government research?

  • 16 million people in the UK experience stress and anxiety.
  • Three in four illnesses of the mind start in childhood
  • 75% of those suffering with stress and anxiety start before the age of 18.
  • 1 in 4 students suffer with stress and anxiety
  • 85%  of the national workforce suffers with stress

Stress and anxiety is rising within the Uk. Crystals can offer a natural approach to self-healing and taking back the control.


Written by Jackie Winters

Author of Messages from Mother Earth and founder of the British Academy of Crystal Healing