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Ayurveda means the “Science of life” and is one of the worlds oldest holistic whole- body healing systems. It was developed more than 5000 years ago and is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on the delicate balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Ayurvedic Massage therapies differ from a normal massage due to the fact we use oils specific to a person’s individual Dosha (constitution) to help to bring the body back into balance whilst also working on mama points to increase the energy flow to the body.



Mama Abhyanga – Whole Body Massage (1 hour)

A relaxing and also energising massage of the Mama (energy) points that improves lymph flow, stimulates the immune system, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalises the entire nervous system.

Udvartana – Ayurvedic Detox Treatment

Exfoliating massage using finely ground Ayurvedic herbs, including exotic sandalwood with precious herb-infused oils, to make the skin soft and give it a lustrous glow.

Padabhyanga – Traditional Ayurvedic Indian foot massage

This highly relaxing Ayurvedic foot massage uses special Ayurvedic oils to revitalise, relax and harmonise the entire body.

Pinda Sveda

A rejuvenating, strengthening, and nourishing massage which uses cotton poultice bags filled with specially selected herbs which are pressed gently over the body. It helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain, tensions and stress.


Tri Dosha Facials

Ayurvedic Face Massage -Mukhabhyanga

Our signature facial involves special massage techniques and the use of herb-infused oils and face masks. It is highly effective in de-stressing the body and mind, whilst leaving your skin feeling beautifully smooth and fresh.

The Deep Cleanse Facial – Reduces the signs of aging, deep skin cleansing and super hydration.

This traditional Ayurvedic facial uses soft herbal bundles and carefully selected ayurvedic products to achieve a natural and deeply cleansing experience. It works by stimulating vital mama (energy) points with highly concentrated herbal products, to help relieve facial tension, tighten and tone the skin and leave you with a bright and nourished complexion.

Holistic Glow Facial – Soundaryam Vardhini (meaning “to beautify oneself”

There is a wonderful simplicity to the process, elevated to greater heights by a mama (energy) point massage which helps to reduce aging by encouraging the flow of prana (energy) and blood to the face leaving a more youthful and healthy appearance, followed by a deep massage to the scalp, relaxing root massage and yogic breathing exercises.

Suitable for all skin types.


This is a mind melting Ayurvedic healing practice which has been performed in India for over 4,000 years. Traditionally sesame oil with a blend of therapeutic Ayurvedic herbs are warmed to a comfortable temperature in a traditional copper pot suspended above the clients head allowing the warm oil to flow over the 3rdEye and into the scalp and hair. This deeply relaxing treatment is highly recommended to relieve stress, headaches and promotes overall health and wellness.


Additional Specialist Treatments which can accompany any of the above treatments – 15 minutes

Kati Basti 

A unique warm oil treatment for the lower back which can be helpful in treating all lower back ailments including acute and chronic pain, nerve disorders and sciatica.

Greeva Basti

A specialized warm oil treatment for the back of the neck, it is ideal for people suffering from acute and chronic neck pains, nerve problems, tension and stress related ailments.