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Yogic Dance with Nikki Wilkinson

feetAn integral Practice that connects body, mind and soul to: express, communicate, build, feel, connect, share, transform and create a new era of collective consciousness.”

For me dance is much more than a technique learned of movements, isolations and choreographies, it is the absolute unification of mind, body and soul that intertwine together along the river of our life journey.

My passion is the ever-evolving dance that weaves through life creating a brightly coloured tapestry that continually evolves and transforms. I am fully dedicated to sharing and offering this in a space that promotes, strengthens and enhances our core connection and creativity through the creative arts, dance and ceremony

Yogic Dance is a unique practice that I have been weaving together for many years and in 2017 it finally came to light. This practice combines and links together the universal and diverse teachings and trainings that I have received over the years, from Shamanism to Indian Temple Dance and from Therapy to Mindfulness there is a common thread that forms part of the same tapestry that is woven in life. It is this universal connection that breaks through the limits of cultural tradition and barriers and enables us to enter a new era of consciousness, understanding and universal integration.

Yogic Dance is for every person who is looking for a deeper connection to his or her energetic, physical and spiritual body through movement meditation. It stretches, softens, and releases the body, journeys to the inner world, heightens self awareness and calms the mind leaving you cantered and connected to your core. This way of work encourages the river of your life to flow towards the open ocean of the universe.

It is: “The essential breath of fluid movement.”