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La Finca Paradiso has a history steeped in the arts, as one of Spain’s foremost classical artists, Manolo Coronado, lived here when it was called Cortijo Alborinque, some 35 years earlier, where he worked in conjunction with other artists and created a lot of his finest work. Since then, the restoration of the ruined main house and fresh architecture of the new buildings and serene yet flamboyant landscaping has been equally inspired.  La Finca Paradiso is a work of art in itself. Wherever you look there is beauty and harmony of the most perfect proportions, each scene leading effortlessly into the next.

Combining creativity and ecology this rural eco retreat is aimed at those who enjoy peace, inspiration and the natural world. A perfect space for you to stay and indulge in your chosen pleasure whether it be yoga, painting, dance or just simply doing nothing.