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With one year drawing to an end and a New Year in sight you may already be considering your goals for the months ahead. Many of us look at the dawn of a New Year as a fresh start of sorts, a time to make resolutions and implement the changes we wish to see in ourselves, and our environments.

Ultimately, the goals and resolutions we set for ourselves are all based on the desire for growth and improvement. We set goals that we perceive will make us feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

The smallest adjustments to our routines and habits can sometimes have the most powerful and positive impact on our lives and sense of wellbeing. See below for some great suggestions of small changes that can pack a big punch – adding a healthy dose of glitter and sparkle to your life in the coming New Year!

Make A Date Night – With Yourself

The majority of us lead such busy lives, piling more and more responsibility on ourselves- leaving zero time to focus on growth and rest. Me time is essential; it gives us an opportunity to recharge, reflect and relax. These R’s are vital and must be slotted into the schedule just like a regular date with a mate or friend, a dental appointment or a work commitment. Make regular dates with yourself, by blocking out an evening or weekend, then defending it with all of your might. You need and deserve your R’s so no compromises here.

Make It Happen

That course you keep meaning to sign up for, the yoga retreat that you feel would be transformational, that friend you are several years overdue a catch up with? Make it happen!

Send the email, book the holiday, create the ‘to do list’ that will direct you towards your goals. Take positive action and make it happen, by acting on it instead of just thinking about it.


We all know what happens when we put the wrong fuel in our vehicles, (or fail to put any fuel in them) and in many ways our bodies are just the same. Hydration is crucial, and if you are not drinking enough water each day, this is a very easy change to implement.

In terms of diet, there is always room for improvement! When you consider the fact that the fuel you put into your body has a direct impact on your mood and levels of serotonin, it is easy to appreciate the huge difference an improved diet would make to the way you feel.

Purge Your Belongings

Material things have a very funny way of weighing us down in ways we are often barely aware of. Manage this by purging regularly, releasing items that no longer serve a purpose and you will undoubtedly feel lighter and less cluttered.

Items you have held onto for years and not used could bring great joy to others. Let go and make a habit of surrounding yourself with the things you truly need and love and nothing more.

Get Moving!

Exercise releases feel good endorphins, so try to get your body moving as soon as possible after waking each day. This is a simple way to rid yourself of any feelings of lethargy, setting you up and energising you for the day ahead!

Take A Deep Breath & Relax…

External situations caused by those around us, and our environment in general, can have a drastic and immediate effect on our emotions and stress levels.

Whilst it is impossible to control the environment around us, very easy to use breathing techniques anytime, anywhere whenever we need to trigger the relaxation response and get our blood pressure under control.

If you are unfamiliar with using this sort of technique to relax, now would be a great time to learn how and arm yourself with this powerful tool!


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