A Short Guide To Spanish Wedding Customs

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If you are planning your wedding and looking for something a bit different for your wedding day, then you may have considered getting married abroad!

Tying the knot in a different country is a great way to increase the chances of the sun shining for your big day, and it also gives you the opportunity to explore a different culture and introduce some different customs to your own ceremony.

Locations including Las Vegas, Greece and the Seychelles are popular wedding destinations, but if you are looking for something closer to home, Spain is becoming increasingly popular for couples who are looking for a sunshine packed, romantic Mediterranean ceremony.

There are several traditions that go hand in hand with an authentic Spanish wedding celebration, so to truly immerse yourself in a Spanish wedding, it pays to learn about some of the customs and traditions before you put pen to paper and begin making plans for your big day!

Get Me To The Church On Time!

In the UK, the usual time for a wedding is somewhere between 12pm and 4pm. Weddings are rarely scheduled to take place in the morning and whilst some may opt for a twilight wedding, these are not particularly commonplace.

In Spain however, weddings tend to happen much later on in the day. A wedding ceremony will generally not begin until around 7pm and the party will typically carry on until the early hours, (this will usually be around 4am for the most determined of guests!)

The logic behind an early evening wedding is to avoid the hottest hours of the mid afternoon, as a slightly later wedding enables the bride and groom along with all of their guests to remain as comfortable as possible.

The Role Of The Best Man

Much like UK weddings, Spanish weddings will also have a variety of ushers, groomsmen and bridesmaids. One role that differs slightly however is that of the best man. Aside from all the usual tasks that are expected of this all-important person, there is the added responsibility of purchasing the bride’s wedding bouquet and presenting it to her on the morning of the wedding!

Understandably, the majority of brides are not too happy to allow the best man to make such an important decision, so these days; the best man is typically asked to deliver a bouquet that has been ordered in advance, along with a personal poem written for the bride.

Wedding Speeches

One big difference between UK weddings and Spanish weddings is that Spanish weddings have a distinct lack of speeches during the wedding. The Bride and Groom may still choose to say a few words, such as thanking their guests for coming along to celebrate and giving out a few gifts, but ultimately there is no requirement for a father of the bride or best man speech that is so commonplace in other parts of the world.

Bring On The Music!

Music is a huge part of Spanish culture as a whole and this most definitely spills out into all wedding ceremonies and celebrations. If you do decide to get married or host any other type of celebration in Spain, then a Spanish guitar or a good dose of flamenco is definitely going to provide you with the right atmosphere for your setting.

Hosting your wedding or blessing ceremony in Spain is a great way to guarantee a unique and special day packed with wonderful memories.

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