9 Great Reasons To Choose Spain For Your Next Holiday!

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Mediterranean sunshine, fascinating culture, great food, cheap wine and incredible beaches…

Is there anything not to like about Spain? Well we certainly don’t think so! Below we list nine great reasons why you should choose to travel to and explore this awesome part of Europe on your very next break!

Cartagena, Spain

#01 Sunshine

The excellent climate is a great appeal for travellers and with an average of 300 or more days of sunshine each year along the Mediterranean coastline; Spain is the sunniest country in Europe.

#02 Great Beaches

The Atlantic coast boasts long stretches of stunning sandy beaches and then the Mediterranean coastline with its picturesque coves is simply out of this world. If you are a lover of beach days, Spain will not disappoint.

#03 Fiesta Time

Spanish fiesta’s are the stuff of folklore and with each village, town and city in the country celebrating in its own unique way, the chances are that you will never be too far away from a celebration of some kind.

Check out the annual events in the areas you are travelling to and with a bit of luck, your dates will coincide with an annual event nearby. The Spanish really know how to party and many events, such as the annual Tomatina draw huge crowds from far and wide.

#04 Beach Day & Ski Slopes In The Same Day

Did you know that after Switzerland, Spain is the most mountainous country in the whole of Europe! Unlike Switzerland however, Spain gives visitors the unique opportunity to combine a beach day with the ski slopes, as it is possible to travel from coast to slope in just over an hour!

#05 History & Culture

Spain is home to some of the most incredible and famous sights where you can immerse yourself in the countries rich culture and heritage. The Alhambra Palace in Granada is a key place of interest for the bucket list – an incredible site with exquisite Moorish architecture.

Then you have a great choice of Roman Ruins scattered throughout the land, and some of the most amazing Cathedrals in the world, such as Gaudi’s modern masterpiece, ‘La Sagrada Familia’.

#06 Delicious Wine

Some of the best wine in the world is produced in Spain and thankfully the fact that the Spanish retain the majority of the great wine they produce for themselves – visitors can enjoy as much fino or Rioja as they like at insanely affordable prices!

#07 Inspirational Art

Visit the infamous and enchanting Park Guell in Barcelona where the peculiar shapes and vibrant combinations of colour will be sure to inspire you. Alternatively, go and explore the extraordinary mind and surreal world of Salvador Dali at the Salvador Dali House Museum in the bohemian sea town of Cadaques.

#08 Snoozing & Siestas

Siesta time may not be adhered to religiously throughout Spain, however the pace is slow, and the climate warm. Whilst on holiday, relaxing midday is a great part of the Spanish culture to indulge in.

Choose the right location and settle into the swing of things; Spain is the ultimate location for fully recharging the batteries.

#09 Mouthwatering Cuisine

Serrano hams, lashings of paella, delicious tapas and grilled fare. Each region does things in its own unique take on things so it is best to get out there and explore the different flavours and dishes in as many provinces as possible!

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